Sunday, September 12, 2010


I believe the power of our subconscious is highly underrated, although the subconscious probably prefers it that way, wink wink. This is why, when I clicked my way upon Shrinking Violet Promotions, and their Summer Hiatus Experiments, I fell in love with their blog immediately, well that and they have pictures of shoes.

I tried their most recent experiment, writing down a problem each night before bed for your subconscious to work out while you are sleeping. It has been 3 nights, and I'm seeing results. On their blog, contributors, R.L. LaFevers and Mary Hershey sight examples of problems and struggles within the writing process to let your subconscious work out while you rest but I used the same process for some life issues, although both of those issues seem to be pretty much intertwined for me. Either way, solutions to my questions have been popping up all week like lucky pennies shinning on the sidewalk. I've got a new approach and enthusiasm for tackling some of the same old issues.

ps...I did some more clicking and found that Mary Hershey and I in the same town...I guess the World Wide Web is still a small world after all.

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