Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Newest Obsession: Mermaids

Between growing up in a beach town and on a healthy diet of Disney, its hard not to love mermaids. These mythical creatures, also known as sirens have long captured my imagination, and my heart. In Homer's Odyssey, I loved their dark power over sailors. I related to Disney's Ariel, and her longing for another world. And let's not forgot Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah's grown up mermaid love story, Splash. I'm working on a new story, about a girl who discovers she is a mermaid. There are many subplots, and I am thinking this might turn itself into novel. Along the way, whenever I get stuck, or more likely am just procrastinating, I Google my afternoon away looking up mermaid legend and lore, and lots of images.

The picture I posted today is of a statue in the Copenhagen Harbour honoring Hans Christen Andersen and his story, you know the one Disney cartoonized. There are so many reasons I love this statue, the way she is placed on the rock, looking longingly out to sea, the way her legs are still discernible beneath her flippers--as if she is mid-mermaid-morph. I am half Danish, and also love the personal connection. I hope to see this statue in person one day...maybe on a Danish book tour for my mermaid novel.


  1. On my trip to Denmark during the spring of 1999 to visit my boyfriend who was an exchange student there I got to see this amazingly beautiful statue on the shore in Copenhagen. That entire city is truly amazing and a ton of fun!! Totally worth a visit no matter the reason! Lv ya... and miss ya! Holly

  2. Art culture and a book tour overseas? Great plan! You've got it perfect! I'm looking forward to watching your transformation!

  3. Holly! So happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading my blog.

    Thanks Karen! Unfortunately, and sometimes fortunately nothing ever goes to plan but I'm happy just to be on the journey!

  4. Splash! I loved that movie but haven't thought about it in years. I think I'm feeling an 80s flashback movie weekend coming on. . .

    I can definitely understand why you're drawn to that statue. I would love to see it in person too!