Monday, September 27, 2010

Most Likely To Forget Her Cap and Gown At Graduation

his morning I was telling a friend of mine that sometimes I would forget my own head if it wasn't attached to my body. Tonight, I was looking through my high school yearbook..Go Dons! I remembered that somehow it was printed in the yearbook that I was most likely to forget my cap and grown at graduation. I remember being so pissed when I opened my yearbook senior year. I don't remember ever getting to vote for these catergories, and I certainly wasn't told that I was receiving this one.

But now, almost 12 years later, I make that statement about myself all the time. It doesn't really bother me, even though I don't exactly agree with it. Its not so much that I forget stuff. Its just that I don't always think we need that much stuff. I learned the definition of the word need early in life, as in, "No, Kara you don't need that dress from Nordstrom. You may want it but that is not the same as needing it." Don't tell my mom, but I was actually listening to her.

More often then not, I have everything I need right at my finger tips. And if I find myself feeling like I need something else, I can usually just look around and find I have more than I could possibly ever need.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm starting a column for DEEP Magazine. I am thrilled to have my own column and an introductory bio but the head shot is freaking me out. Luckily, I have some very talented friends, one of whom happens to be a photographer. Rebecca Farmer took a ton of photos for me earlier this week. Just this morning she brought over 12 on a CD and I have been shamelessly looking at them all day. Of course, I immediately posted them to my Facebook account, for some reaffirmation and attention. But I keep scrolling through the album, over-analyzing the way my hair falls across my face, whether or not my thigh looks fat, and if I am starting to get crows feet around my eyes.

Its not vanity, I swear. Photos of myself always make me realize that I never actually get to see my own face with my own eyes...logistical challenges of facial geography render this impossible. It still trips me out. As someone who thinks she has a pretty good handle on what type of person I am, I realize that I have no idea what I look like. I know that I am 5'7", ok 5'63/4" tall and that I have short brown hair. My driver's license says I have blue eyes, but sometimes they look green. So when I look a little too long at my reflection, or scroll through my portraits for the fortieth time in one hour, I'm really just thinking, oh that's what I look like.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Want My MTV, Sometimes

I grew up with MTV. They’re just about a year younger than me. I used to love the Real World, one of the first reality TV shows but people stopped getting real and just started getting drunk. I have to admit that in high school I watched TRL religiously, but that show ended not too long after my college graduation. A combination of my false sense of maturity and a lack of actual videos and shows worth watching greatly reduced my viewing time. To be fair, I don’t watch anywhere near as much TV in general as I used to.

Last night I watched the VMA’s, I hadn’t seen one of the music videos that were nominated. I didn’t really care what attention-whore outfit Lady Gaga was wearing, nor did I think it was trendsetting and original. They gave us the Jersey Shore cast, in a hot tub. Just when I thought there really was nothing left for me on MTV, they gave us Florence and the Machine.

WOW. She is amazing. Her voice is surreal, angelic like Natalie Merchant, with Chrissie Hynde fierceness. She rocked the stage, barefoot in an ethereal Goddess like gown, with her flowing red hair and porcelain skin. She was truly beautiful without shock or scandal, and wowed the crowd with her talent, not T & A or her meat suit. Thank you MTV.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I believe the power of our subconscious is highly underrated, although the subconscious probably prefers it that way, wink wink. This is why, when I clicked my way upon Shrinking Violet Promotions, and their Summer Hiatus Experiments, I fell in love with their blog immediately, well that and they have pictures of shoes.

I tried their most recent experiment, writing down a problem each night before bed for your subconscious to work out while you are sleeping. It has been 3 nights, and I'm seeing results. On their blog, contributors, R.L. LaFevers and Mary Hershey sight examples of problems and struggles within the writing process to let your subconscious work out while you rest but I used the same process for some life issues, although both of those issues seem to be pretty much intertwined for me. Either way, solutions to my questions have been popping up all week like lucky pennies shinning on the sidewalk. I've got a new approach and enthusiasm for tackling some of the same old issues.

ps...I did some more clicking and found that Mary Hershey and I in the same town...I guess the World Wide Web is still a small world after all.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Newest Obsession: Mermaids

Between growing up in a beach town and on a healthy diet of Disney, its hard not to love mermaids. These mythical creatures, also known as sirens have long captured my imagination, and my heart. In Homer's Odyssey, I loved their dark power over sailors. I related to Disney's Ariel, and her longing for another world. And let's not forgot Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah's grown up mermaid love story, Splash. I'm working on a new story, about a girl who discovers she is a mermaid. There are many subplots, and I am thinking this might turn itself into novel. Along the way, whenever I get stuck, or more likely am just procrastinating, I Google my afternoon away looking up mermaid legend and lore, and lots of images.

The picture I posted today is of a statue in the Copenhagen Harbour honoring Hans Christen Andersen and his story, you know the one Disney cartoonized. There are so many reasons I love this statue, the way she is placed on the rock, looking longingly out to sea, the way her legs are still discernible beneath her flippers--as if she is mid-mermaid-morph. I am half Danish, and also love the personal connection. I hope to see this statue in person one day...maybe on a Danish book tour for my mermaid novel.