Monday, September 13, 2010

I Want My MTV, Sometimes

I grew up with MTV. They’re just about a year younger than me. I used to love the Real World, one of the first reality TV shows but people stopped getting real and just started getting drunk. I have to admit that in high school I watched TRL religiously, but that show ended not too long after my college graduation. A combination of my false sense of maturity and a lack of actual videos and shows worth watching greatly reduced my viewing time. To be fair, I don’t watch anywhere near as much TV in general as I used to.

Last night I watched the VMA’s, I hadn’t seen one of the music videos that were nominated. I didn’t really care what attention-whore outfit Lady Gaga was wearing, nor did I think it was trendsetting and original. They gave us the Jersey Shore cast, in a hot tub. Just when I thought there really was nothing left for me on MTV, they gave us Florence and the Machine.

WOW. She is amazing. Her voice is surreal, angelic like Natalie Merchant, with Chrissie Hynde fierceness. She rocked the stage, barefoot in an ethereal Goddess like gown, with her flowing red hair and porcelain skin. She was truly beautiful without shock or scandal, and wowed the crowd with her talent, not T & A or her meat suit. Thank you MTV.


  1. I only saw bits and pieces - and I totally missed that!

  2. I thought that was the best part. Lincoln Park performing in Griffith Park was pretty cool too.