Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm starting a column for DEEP Magazine. I am thrilled to have my own column and an introductory bio but the head shot is freaking me out. Luckily, I have some very talented friends, one of whom happens to be a photographer. Rebecca Farmer took a ton of photos for me earlier this week. Just this morning she brought over 12 on a CD and I have been shamelessly looking at them all day. Of course, I immediately posted them to my Facebook account, for some reaffirmation and attention. But I keep scrolling through the album, over-analyzing the way my hair falls across my face, whether or not my thigh looks fat, and if I am starting to get crows feet around my eyes.

Its not vanity, I swear. Photos of myself always make me realize that I never actually get to see my own face with my own eyes...logistical challenges of facial geography render this impossible. It still trips me out. As someone who thinks she has a pretty good handle on what type of person I am, I realize that I have no idea what I look like. I know that I am 5'7", ok 5'63/4" tall and that I have short brown hair. My driver's license says I have blue eyes, but sometimes they look green. So when I look a little too long at my reflection, or scroll through my portraits for the fortieth time in one hour, I'm really just thinking, oh that's what I look like.


  1. Love that you can insert video. How do you do that? Anne Randolph

  2. Kara, you have a wonderful muse going in that piece. The aim of people to be accepted for who they are is universal, and very few people recognize that the person inside them is able to influence the person on the outside! The pic you posted shows a glow about you, from the inside out! I think you chose the right pic!


  3. Thanks for the kind words Jim and Karen!

    Anne...the video posting is really fun, and easy. I found the clip on the MTV website. There was a share button to click on. It gives you different sharing options. I choose embed, which gave me a code to copy and paste directly into the blog post, and viola, video!